JDN Delegation visits China


A delegation from JDN visited Taiyuan, China on 23 and 24 June to train employees from several mines in how to operate JDN products. The delegation consisted of employees from JDN Witten, JDN Singapore and our Chinese agents, Concy. The around 100 Chinese mine workers came from various provinces around the city of
Taiyuan, which has a population of six million. To ensure that every member of the audience could follow the professional presentation by our JDN team, all the operations demonstrated were also shown on a big screen.

JDN M Series air hoists, Profis and complete crane systems are used in the Chinese underground mining industry.

Taiyuan (in Chinese 太原市) is the provincial capital of Shanxi in the People’s Republic of China and is situated on the Fen He river at an altitude of 780 m above sea level. Taiyuan’s history stretches back over 2,500 years and the city was founded under the name Jìnyáng (晉陽) in 497 BC. Today, Taiyuan is an important industrial centre in northern China. Its most important branches of industry are: coal mining, iron smelting and the production of stainless steel and aluminium.

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CeMAT Preview

EH_100_02_2014_4c_300_dpi_konToday: JDN Monorail Hoists
EH The new generation of JDN EH 75 and EH 100 Monorail Hoists is here – lighter, faster and more energy-efficient than ever! JDN Monorail Hoists for heavy loads and low headrooms are available with a…ir or hydraulic drives. Carrying capacities: 10 t up to 115 t per unit See you in Hanover! Hall 27, stand F41 For more information on the JDN PROFI please click here: http://www.jdngroup.com/en/hoists/monorail-air-hoists.html
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CeMAT Preview

0424_004Today: JDN Air Hoists PROFI series.
JDN Air Hoists PROFI series are very robust and therefore suitable for tough industrial applications even in continuous working processes.
Carrying capacities: 250 kg up to 100 t
See you in Hanover!
Hall 27, stand F41
For more information on the JDN PROFI please click here: http://www.jdngroup.com/en/hoists/air-hoists-profi.html


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CeMAT Preview

At irregular intervals we would like to introduce the JDN Products to you, that will be presented at CeMAT 2014.
Today: JDN Air Hoists mini series.
The mini widens the range of applications in the light duty sector as a handy, flexible and universally deployable hoist making it an ideal tool for the most different handicraft workshops.
Carrying capacities: 125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 980 kg
See you in Hanover!
Hall 27, stand F41
For more information on the JDN minis please click here: http://www.jdngroup.com/en/hoists/air-hoists-mini.html

mini 250-300dpi

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New JDN Air Hoists Profi 75 TI & 100 TI


After the relaunch of the Profi series up to 50 t within recent years, we have now also redesigned the JDN Air Hoists Profi 75 TI and 100 TI. The key component is the new motor, based on the current JDN Motor-Brake Concept.
The improvements in detail:
- Up to 50% energy saving by decreased air consumption
- Up to 50% increased speeds
- Up to 30% less weight of the hoist body
- Decreased overall dimensions
- Reduced sound level
The new strong Profis are used in harsh environments, e.g. in shipyards for the handling of the rudder blades and propellers.

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Save the date – CeMAT 2014


The leading international intralogistics trade fair will be held once again in Hannover from 19 to 23 May 2014. There is no other marketplace world-wide that offers the same comprehensive insight into current developments and the range of services from the world of intralogistics. So, make a note of the date in your diary. We will be there and look forward to seeing you in hall 27, stand F41.

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